Nam lady taxi driver, Pattaya Thailand
Sawadee Ka !
Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Nam and I live in Pattaya, a thriving seaside town on the coast of Thailand. I am a 32 year old single mother and through my work, I support my two young children, my mother, my young sister and my grandmother, who live in Chachoensao province about two hours drive away from Pattaya.
I can speak, read and write in English but it is not my mother language, so please be patient if I make any mistakes.  I also can speak a little Japanese. I have lived in Pattaya for 6 years and have a good knowledge of most hotels, condos or guesthouses in Pattaya. Those I do not know I will find, so you will be at your chosen destination in the best possible time.
Thanks to my lovely customers and their recommendations, my business has grown which means I sometimes find it hard to personally drive for everybody that wants me to. This has meant that I have had to build a small team of experienced, safe and reliable lady drivers. We all take pride in the work we do and I have personally ridden with each driver to make sure that they and their cars meet my high standards.
My team of lady drivers all drive different makes of cars so I am now able to offer you different car types, Standard, Large or minibus. This means I can offer different rates for the same journey depending on the type of car. The bigger the car, the more passengers, which reduces the rate per person. I have one lady driver who has a minibus and if I need to I can call on two very nice male drivers with minibuses who I can guarantee are safe sensible drivers.
Your safety and mine are top priority for me. I provide a prompt, reliable service but will not compromise on safety. A safe, pleasant and comfortable ride is the service I offer, there are no white knuckle trips with Nam's Taxis !

                                         Nam x